Married With Children

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Marcy D’Arcy

Marcy D’Arcy (Marcy Rhoades from Episodes 0101–0512, played by Amanda Bearse) is Peggy’s best friend, Al’s nemesis, and the family’s next-door neighbor. Though she considers herself to be better than the Bundy family, Marcy often sinks to their level. She originally worked as a loan officer at the city bank (in a higher position than her husband, Steve), and then as the manager of the Kyoto National Bank since the second season. But for a brief time, she was demoted to drive-up window teller as punishment for approving a loan Al could not re-pay (in fact the purpose was to make Al able to re-pay a previous loan approved by Steve, but Al instead turned this loan into his “shoe hotline” project as well, and lost it too). She wins back her old job after frugging on her boss’s desk for 20 minutes, clad only in a slip, while the other drive-up window tellers tossed quarters at her.

Initially, Marcy was a sweet, wholesome newlywed, but years of living next to the Bundys apparently warped her into a character almost as outrageous as the Bundys. She contemptuously bickered with Al, and reveled in his misery. One of the reasons for her hatred of Al is his chauvinistic and misogynistic view of women. Marcy seemed to have a disturbing dark side, and enjoys sharing her past memories with Peg, but often tends to get lost in them. At various points in the series, she is identified as a Republican who looks down on the lower-class Bundy clan, but at other times, she is portrayed as a man-hating radical feminist and environmentalist. Al’s most frequent targets are Marcy’s tiny chest and her chicken-like stance when she gets annoyed. In season 6 Marcy claimed she was pregnant though this was later written out of the show.

One of the running gags in the series has Marcy often mistaken for a young boy, on one occasion even being mistaken for Bruce Jenner; when she reminisces about her first training bra, Al asks “How old were you then - twenty-five?!” Despite wanting to appear prudish, Marcy is shown to be a very sexual person, and is revealed to have a rather sordid sexual history, such as the “Little Bo Peep and the Cop” game.

Although Marcy and Al are usually adversaries, they often unite in common causes, such as when and later when Jefferson comes into the series. Their teamwork is attributable to the fact that they are both “bread-winners,” giving them occasional moments of mutual understanding.